Van Alen Art

Painting visions into reality 

My goal shipping the art

Safe & Sound

All artwork is carefully planned and packaged. I personally started packaging all of my own art to make sure it gets to it's destination safely. There is nothing more heartbreaking receiving damaged artwork and an upset customer.  

Nicely packaged

A box is created to fit the custom art piece with 3 inches of space available on all sides of the canvas/frame. The artwork is then wrapped in a plastic palette wrap or plastic wrap to protect the painting. Once the art is wrapped, then it is nicely wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure adequate coverage on the corners. All other concerns are taken place to make sure the painting is snug in the shipping box before shipped to customer. 



Shipping costs vary on size and weight of "Original" artwork and canvas prints.  



When a purchase comes in for a painting or  canvas print, It takes about 1-2 weeks for processing and shipment. I personally pick up the printed canvases and ship the original art.

* All Original artwork is made and shipped from San Diego, Ca.


 100% made with love

Creating an art piece from an idea is a organic process within it's self. It starts from inspiration in the mind and transfers out into a sketch, a reality. After taking delicate time and preparation with  the sketch, it is now transformed into a "map" for the canvas.

  1. An idea is created from inspiration or vision 
  2. Sketch is created & transformed into a map
  3. Magic Starts!! The sketch is applied to the canvas 

The canvas has it's preparation as well. The canvas is applied with gesso and sanded down to create a smooth surface. After the sketch looks perfect, the layers begin. Acrylic paints are the underpainting giving the freedom of washes and texture. After applying all colors to the painting the oils are applied to create the details, the depth and the finished look of the art. Since oils take longer to dry, commissioned art usually takes 2-3 days to dry before shipping. 


“ I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream
— Vincent Van Gogh