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American River Music Festival 2013

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"American River Music Festival" 2013 was another hit. A mixture of "Blue Grass" music,art,vendors,river-rafting,camping,family and fun. A couple thousand people gather to celebrate life on the American River in Coloma,Lotus,CA. Music starts from 11am-6pm for 2 days wihile live art is being created and displayed.This year "Van Alen Customs" and "AYAR" collaborated on a big canvas to raffle off to the crowed. These are the lovely "Winners" for the orignal artwork. See you again next year 2014. 



Live Painting in San Diego

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I have been working on this piece in the studio and at shows. I am inspired to be a mother and the journey through this pregnancy. I feel healthy in myself , art and excited to share this creation with the world. I have a couple more sessions to put into this canvas before finished. I will be showcasing this piece in the next art show at Graffifi Beach,San Diego August 30th.

V Elements Festival San Diego

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What a beautiful event! San Diego brought in the V Elements. A day to celebrate music,art,yoga,healthy food and beautiful people. Van Alen collaberated on a piece with local artist: Allen Ramirez. Together they created the elements earth and air. The piece was was faced towared the crowed so any wondering eyes could intake the creation. This piece will be posted soon. Thanks again V Elements for throwing such an uplifting event!

V A Customs Crew-