Van Alen Art

Stephanie Van Alen

I'm from a small town in northern California called Placerville. It's a special place hidden in the golden hills on the way to Lake Tahoe. The smell of pine trees, smooth running rivers and historical events shape the town. It's like a diamond in the ruff. Growing up around the trees and country life helped me stay in touch with the magic of nature and how it nurtures the soul. Even though I grew up in a beautiful surrounding, the ocean was where I could see myself grow professionally and start a family. With the ocean clear in my vision, I ended up moving to San Diego, Ca where I currently create and sell my artwork and raise our daughter "Hera Skye".

  Living in San Diego has nurtured my creative spirit. From the crashing waves and sun-sets to the  farmer markets, new artsy cafes and restaurants pop up in every direction. Fresh murals hit the streets leaving you to feel inspired as you walk by. Observing new art has helped my art grow into it's own entity and to learn new skills. I am painting what I feel without fear or judgement. Art has been a building foundation for my inner healing and a expression of who I truly am. 

The visionary art culture and urban street art has caught my attention from the beginning. To create from a meditative place with awareness and paint a huge mural or canvas that anyone can see is what inspires me. In the beginning years of becoming an artist I painted live at music events in sacramento,ca to painting for serval days at bigger festivals up the west coast. Painting for seven years without any schooling in art, the live events truly where my class room. I worked on larger collaborations with talented artists and became more planted into the art scene. It was an art hub of exposure and endless connections of possibly. 

After painting live for a few years I decided to dive more into my studio. My goal was to hone in my art skills and build a healthy foundation to create art and raise a family. I have painted at a few festivals throughout the past couple years and recently have a showing of art at "Hera Hub" here in San Diego. Im always working on new art and connecting with businesses sharing my colorful visions. My goal is to see my art apart of a conscious movement to bring awareness to our environment and way of thinking. I want to create beauty and nourishment to the way we live and engage in our daily lives.